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Friends I hope you are fine, and I am also fine. Today, I am going to introduce you to one after a great project his name is where you can buy and sell bitcoin via the peer-to-peer marketplace. This platform is providing you unlimited ways to buy and sell bitcoin. The transaction is cured by escrow fast and very easily. If you want to know more about this platform go to the website.

You will see a marketplace buy and sell cryptocurrencies, purchase gift cards, and more. Find the offer that suits you and trade with other users. so, it's mean here you can do peer-to-peer transactions person-to-person transactions. if you want to buy a bitcoin for your city you can buy just click on the buy button. And if you want to exchange your litecoin for bitcoin you can exchange it. you can type here keywords which currency you want to buy. if you want to buy bitcoin just type it bitcoin. if I type the only bitcoin so I will see different types. you can check it's showing me a weber USB gift cards. so yeah if you want to buy currencies by ethereum so you can buy different classes ethereum bitcoin ripple bitcoin cash litecoin so you can buy has different currencies. so if I scroll down you can buy his gift card with bitcoin ethereum and all points just click on this button and you can buy a gift card with cryptocurrency. but for this first, you need to register on this platform just click on the join button. if you click on the join button you should need your name and then your email address and then select your country where you from. and just put here password and also re-enter the password and just solving this capture and just click on register . after registration just complete your first level of KYC if you want to take part in bounty campaign. and if I scroll down you can also trade with other members you can trade has peer-to-peer exchange state coin altcoins and tokens fast and secure lowest fees online our transaction is scared off with our escrow system the easiest way to earn bitcoin online you can also earn bitcoin on this platform by completing different tasks. and receive your crypto payment for successfully completing the task when you complete your successful tasks you will receive a payment but first, you need to use it on this platform.

exchange different currencies. you can exchange bitcoin cash file you can exchange bitcoin five percent litecoin for repair so if want to if you want to exchange bitcoin cash for USDT and just click on this . and if you click on it this. you can put how many BCH if I click on one BTC edge so it will be showing me how many futures I can do it. but you can do it so I don't have an incipient balance if you have first you need to deposit BCH and then you can change. so for the polar just go to a valid session. and select the currency which you want to deposit. and just click on the receive button or just click on bitcoin cash detail. if you want to deposit the bitcoins just click on bitcoin. just click on the bitcoin session and just click on receive. and just click or receive just click on receive and after and put the amount you want to deposit if you want to deposit 0.1 basically just clear just type here amount and just click on generate QR code. and so it's very so you need to send in almost 30 minutes. so uh so you need to send bitcoin to this address. if you want to cancel you can click on cancel you can cancel any time if you want to cancel. and so you can trade if you want to create a trade offer you can create trade offer you manage it off the transactions and if you want to sell buy the gift card you can buy a different gift card using different currencies if you click on buy gift cards you can buy skype USB gift card for litecoin. if you want to buy just click on five. so choose any card which you want to buy so you can check the different price of cards and the minimum price of the guest cards is 10 USD you could need to just post for 10 USD and so just click on buy and you can buy it. you can also earn the bitcoin and free on this platform just click on bounties. just go to earn but first, you need to complete your KYC level one then you can do it. so just click on bounties and you can check its different campaigns on Twitter and Facebook just click on Twitter . and so first you need to submit your Twitter id in the form below and wait for approval.

so I already submit so you fire so I already accepted you need to just submit your Twitter id joining its main Twitter profile username. our Twitter link profile link so you need to share adjacent to it from coins io account. only share listen to it from the past week. so after approval uh you can share um two tweets weekly but uh you can also read them. share recent tweets. you should need to share listen to it not old tweets. and you can also you can only share solution tweets from the past two weeks. you cannot share more than uh 14 days old to it. and after sharing take a screenshot so first of all after sharing you need to take a screenshot and upload it in my work session and your coins your account. so. just click on the submit mark. and select which bounty campaign you want to submit if you want to sum up Twitter bounty work. just upload a file of your screenshot yes you need to upload a file of your screenshot and then just click on submit complete work. just a simple step you should so reward based on the coin quality if you have the excellent quality you will get three USB.

How do I earn in cryptocurrency here? 

So, it's really easy you need to click here on earn bounties and you're going to see this page. Here you have some options of bounties that you can join and it's really easy to enjoy any bounty here after you do your KYC (know your customer). You're going to be able to join any of those bounties.
So let's check this post about here. So, I can explain better how it works. You need to read the instructions right. See how you will save your payments, how much it takes, what you need to do with this information? You're going to find the rules all right.
So, you need to have at least 100 subscribers, you need to have a video with three minutes you need to mention coinsio three times your video needs to be in English. All right so, you can send one video per week and a maximum of two videos to be submitted for this bounty. Okay here you have the toward's amount which can be a hundred testy tether or 15 USD and you have those options here. So not difficult to do it's really easy. You need to take some attention and read all the rules not to make any mistakes. So after that you need to submit your website or blog site link here they're going to take a look to see if everything is okay and meets the requirements after that you can just write your article like I'm doing now and send it to coins. After they check your article you're going to receive your payments when and you can withdraw through your wallet. Not only this on the coinsio here on this bottle you can trade. Let's check here. Just click on trade all right create a trade offer right coins two-point trades. You can put, for example, I'm going to earn some USD from my article, and I can just put here tethers in exchange for litecoin I am going to put the amount here and just edit the details here likes to fee percentage fee how much you're going to sell how much you're going to receive and it is just liking that it appears to appear inside coinsio platform. But if you don't want to create your order you can just click here on buy marketplace and you're going to see all the options of trades available. for example, you have here tether for ripple you click here on buy and you need to put how much tether you're going to exchange free. so, you're going to see the exchange rate and you need to click on buy. if you have the amount to pay the transaction here like tether it's gonna be instantly. all right so you can click here on buy and get gift cards too. all right you can choose your country, your accuracy, for example, chatter here. it's gonna show all the options you have here. I don't have many options yet for my country but you can see a list of a lot of countries available on coinsio. so it's not difficult to use. you can earn cryptocurrency, you can exchange cryptocurrency, you can buy gift cards, you can send your money and it's easy everything on coinsio. it's easy to do. so don't miss the chance to earn cryptocurrency in an easy way.

 you can earn a good income . and so if you want maximum you can share five times. so it's mean you can earn from twitter's almost 15 USD and you uh maximum shares per week two times. you can two times yes it means six uh but after approval then you can share if you somewhat want his work. if I click on submit work and if I submit my one-time work if it's not approval. then you cannot share again otherwise it will be automatically rejected. so after as after submit your work you should need to wait for google after approval then you can submit another tweet. so I hope you understand this article and I hope you enjoy this article if you have any question you can put your queries in the comment below take care of goodbye. have fun.

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