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Hello everybody, this is obviously Online Free Master here and Today, we're going to be talking about this up-coming DAPP called KITTYFIGHT. There is a lot of different earning possibilities with this project which we're going to be discussing in multiple posts. This post is just a general overview. I will not go in-depth on the actual tokenomics and economics.
 There's a lot of audits and depth on how everything works and you will not get it on the initial run drone on the website. You might spend some time understanding everything, so, it might be a bit confusing in the beginning, but it's that complex okay even I don't understand it a hundred percent yet and I have to like really read a lot of this stuff like many times to I get it and in this video, I will go kind of like quickly the overview, and then talk about the team the contracts and everything a lot of these things, in my opinion, look very promising. so I think it's going to be a great DEFI product hashtag not financial advice but obviously do your own research when it comes to any project out there don't just take my opinion but let's get a kind of get started here so kitty fight is basically based on the crypto kitties you might have heard about that huge dab, and that was kind of the main reason the gas fees got so high on there initially, and they are using these NFT assets to basically, fight on this sort of mortal combats type of stage and there's like bettors in the crowd and basically the winner gets a reward after the fight ends the fights can last very few minutes, or they can take up to hours and there's in the fights alone, there's a lot of depths into it but I kind of wanna as I said this is an overview I will do singular videos which go into the tokenomics betting how to use the betting system all of that will come into the channel in the near future. So Basically, there is also lending the protocol involved and game jackpots. So, the jackpots will give you nice rewards based on your settings if you happen to win and the players drive the combat by betting ether. into the fights. They also have their token called KTY and there's a lot of things around it which will basically make people buy it more and create value for it which we're going to be looking into a second and then, there's another token which is a DAPP based one which is also involved and that's something we're going to be looking at later and then there will be weekly yields for the lenders the dos takers and people who win these games it's unstoppable probably fair and transparent there DAPP in case I didn't say it already there will be an audit for the smart contract which will be made public, and there's also their discords and telegrams are already open all the social media links into the kitty fight will be found down below obviously when the game and the yield farmings go live I will obviously make a video about it and tweet about it on my Twitter, and you will always know also my discords and telegrams, and it basically. the KTY will be working with the uniswap.
 so, everything kind of like works through ether. but in the background, it actually works to the KTY token, and there is as I said there's a lot of things to cover I don't know how long this video will be but let's start with kind of like the d file ending, for example, so this is a very base interface for it. you can connect your wallet with metamask and portis I've talked to the actual developer team to add more options here so, you can you know use your coinbase wallet and trustwallet hopefully in the future. the developers are aware of this request and I think they will get something done very soon hopefully and here you can also see the funding limit so that one of the good things about getting early into this project is the gen 0 will actually have a lot more benefits than you know generations that will come forward so if you're getting early into this project you will have a lot better. type of investment possibility and I will break that down in more of a future video but I just want to do like every brush strokes on this system and there will be epochs and there will be you know the generation will change over the epochs and then you know the betting time will change and all of this there's so many things into this and then, there's the marketplace where you can see the actual fights taking place now, there's obviously nothing around because everything is in test net still for the most part but let's go and kind of go into the actual business info, so I may be when I will go in the about page first, and the team is fully transparent. OLA  is the founder he's kind of my boss I've talked to him we had regular Skype calls with all of these people pretty much that are in the team, it's a big team, so it's their not, just a developer team, there's also a marketing team behind it.
I think there are around 20 people, and they're adding more I'm not here obviously and some other marketing t people are not here so there's going to be a lot more people working on it this is a big project they have been funding investors private investors and a lot of things and you can if you are interested you can look at their LinkedIn profiles they're 100 true and as I said I've been on skype calls I've heard these people's voices we have weekly meetings daily meetings and it's very professional you know there're contracts and everything, and the super down is basically. there this is super dope product is basically super dope is the daw token revolving around the project, and they will also do future DAPPS. . I'm not sure when they're going to be coming out. but obviously, I will be telling you when but it's a big project, and this is basically, their first smart contract that they're pushing out but let's let's move on here so kind of like going into the technical details here it goes into the KTY token which I already mentioned.
That's an erc20 token, there's going to be a supply of 100 million of it and busy march some of that will allocate into the pools some of that will be in the reward supply and you can you know there's a better picture which we're going to be seeing in the in a second and then this is the 26-page white paper very professional all the details about like the games and how is everything the jackpots how everything works, and we're going to be going into this in full detail in the future videos as I keep saying for the millionth time this is just the broad strokes of the project, and what it basically revolves around so that is in case you're not following defy yield farming NFT's gambling it's like this crazy big package of many things, and even have sources here for people who are interested in looking that. and then, there's the actual game overview and here it is kind of goes into the actual things where does the KTY token gets used to that is for listing fees ticket fees betting fees redemption fees, and also on the burn fees and you know there are the game rules explained here game mechanics, there be a lot of things and I want to talk about the game in a more. specific video obviously in the future then, there's the whole lending system which we already looked at and Basically, there's going to be interest between 20 and 70 percent based on the KITTIEFIGHT treasury and endowment fund contract and that is also very lucrative deal and I'm very excited to see how that turns out we'll be sharing my dividends with you guys, and that's very exciting, and then, there's the KTY tokenomics and there's this like you know crazy snake map here it goes into the actual distribution, 65 million are locked up in the treasury, and that means that the supply that actually is in the trading is not that high someone will go into partners community participation reserve and sale team vesting and gaming reward issuance as well which is this treasury system and basically the ether is an auto exchange through uniswap to the KTY and it is just like transforms one there and it's kind of like a very simple when you think about it but this map obviously here looks quite complex right, but as I keep telling you over and over again all of this will be broken down into a future video and here you can see the fight, and this is the people betting on the other guy and this is one of the bettings for the other guy but even though like some whale comes in and drops like 100 ethere. for the one guy that doesn't actually guarantee the win so, it's not like based on the amount that is being leveraged on the other side that's not going to be. the winning factor, and that's a more detailed breakdown on the actual. white paper in case you're interested in that and then there is the dow token and also both of these will be coming through the actual yield farming so seven percent are coming through yield farming, and we're going to be looking into the yield farming thing and the yield farming will be the first thing that we'll launch on this service and let's see the yield farming.
 So, here is the actual page this is called the KITTIEFIGHT volcano, and there's actually music here but I'm not going to play it because it's way too loud and basically you can provide. your uniswap dividend or your liquidity tokens on uni swap into this system. wrap the ether. I think this is an Aragon dye token. year in finance curve and link, and lent that's ave so, and you will be getting by supplying these uniswap tokens into the liquidity you will be getting the KTY tokens, and also the as DAO tokens so there're many ways to get into this system basically you can buy the KTY token then sell it or you can buy the dollar tokens and sell it or you can stake the dollar tokens and get rewards or you can put all just everything in the yield farming or you just can't gamble with ether. you don't need to worry about the tokenomics you just gamble with ethere. so there's a lot of things that go into this kitty fight and hopefully you get us some type of idea from this video so far about how things are working so, it's a very deep and detailed DEFI project with multiple aspects to it and as I said the team has been working for two, years the contracts are going to be open-source they will be audited for a third party the company, and that's why I'm pretty excited about the project because the risk is relatively low and it's being launched during this whole defy craze, and we have seen so many even poor DEFI projects making 10 and 15x from their initial price, so there's a lot of room to grow regarding the value of the tokens involved with kitty fight, and it obviously needs to say that this is an endorsed post.

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