Refercoins bounty platform- How to earn from refercoins bounty platform

Hello everyone, Today I am back with another great crypto platform. That's name is refercoins. Well, it's a bounty platform where you can easily earn bitcoins. Refercoins made earning so simple. Now any crypto supporters can earn bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ethereum, dash, ripple, usdt etc easily through this platform. Refercoins working to spread the beauty of crypto to the world. As earning bitcoin is easy here so that it will attract more people to the crypto world. 

How does Refercoins work?

  1. Register and confirm your Refercoins account
  2. Log in and Browse the available bounty campaigns and chose any bounty to participate in.
  3. Read the bounty rules carefully and submit your username and details at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will get an email when you are approved to start your work.
  5. Once you are approved, complete the work needed by retweeting/creating a video/ posting or sharing on the Facebook about the platform.
  6. After completing the task go to "My Work" section and submit screenshots of the work for proof.
  7. After approved the submissions you will get paid and you can withdraw your earning instantly on your suitable wallet.

How much can we earn from refercoins platform?

As maximum of us know that in this time bounty program's giving us maximum income. And we don't need any skills to work on here. We can take it as our part-time job/work. As I see in my personal experience a medium level bounty hunter can easily generate more than $300 USD per month by doing simple tasks. We can also generate it if we connect with a bounty program or platform. And this time refercoins platform giving us a great opportunity to earn free bitcoins. And it's instant withdrawable. There are many bounty tasks available. And I think we can generate more than $400 USD by doing all the tasks. Now it depends on you that how much you will earn.

How to withdraw from refercions platform?

It's easy to withdraw. First you need to go your account wallet from refercoins platform. After that select your available assets which you want to withdraw. Then put your deposit address where you want to transfer and input the amount for withdraw. After complete the form hit the "submit" button to request for withdrawal. After that refercoins team will proceed the transactions and you will get your assets into your wallet within 7 days.

How to contact refercoins support team?

If you will face any problems on your account or if you want to know more from their team, you can easily contact to them. Here is the contact link. Go to here and submit your queries.

Rules and regulations

Every platforms and companies have their own privacy policy and rules. You should read them all before joining. If you won't follow their rules and regulations then your account or payment can be terminated. You should work here genuinely.

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This platform is now on beta version that's why you won't get other bounties except refercoins own. They are promoting their platform through this bounty. We can join the available bounties and can earn free bitcoins. 

There is some basic information about the platform. You can gather more information about their project by visiting their social platforms and website. Here are the links: 



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